Deep Vistas Deluxe Set

The Complete Deep Vistas Collection! A dark underground kingdom awaits...

This premium deluxe set combines all four Deep Vistas 22 x 34 inch double-sided posters (8 maps), along with each poster's 5 x 7 inch terrain card, and three EXCLUSIVE map panels, made just for this set: a vacant temple for the Fane of the Serpent Lord, and two levels of a perilous prison suspended above the magma-filled Chasm Bridge!

The Deep Vistas maps illustrate a kingdom of subterranean horrors and dungeons perfect for any medieval fantasy adventure, and several of the maps fit together to form the sprawling "Deep Vistas Delve," a continuous stretch of dungeon terrain over 7 feet long!

Each deluxe set is packaged in a reusable clear plastic display box for safe shipping.

$ 49.99

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