Distant Frontiers III: Engineering Quadrant and Desert Outpost

Engineering marvels take you to arid wastes beyond the edge of known space!

The massive engines that propel the Orbital Deployment Ship "Phoenix Dawn" through deep space can be accessed through the Engineering Quadrant, along with a fighter launch bay to scramble defenses in case of an outside attack. Nearby, the Habitation Module of a twin-deck colony ship waits to be escorted to a new frontier.

At the end of the journey stands the lonely Desert Outpost--a tiny homestead situated atop a sandstone mesa or rocky outcropping on the edge of a sea of desolate dunes.

This double-sided poster measures 22 by 34 inches, and is printed on glossy poster stock. It's pre-folded to 8.5 by 5.5 inches and packaged within a clear resealable envelope for safe and easy transport.

Included is a 5 by 8 inch terrain card revealing a Secret Staircase in the floor of the Desert Outpost. Where it leads is up to you...

$ 4.99

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