Extraplanar Realms

Your astral journey awaits!

These three 22 by 34-inch poster-sized PDF images depict regions of a foreign dimension with a faint 1-inch grid for use with miniatures.

The Astral Sea is a vacant expanse of cloudy silver space that can serve as a distant plane, a surface of reflective water, or a cloudy skyscape depending on the needs of your games.

Astral Nexus depicts objects of gray stone drifting in that space, some of them chained together as a sort of abstract and mysterious ritual space.

Finally the Astral Debris bonus variant shows the same rocks untethered and without adornment.

Included with the poster-sized images is a 4 by 8-inch Luminous Cave section that adds a blue radiance to one of the holes in the Astral Nexus rocks.

These PDF-exclusive images have never been commercially printed.

$ 4.99

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