Distant Frontiers IV: Cargo Quadrant and Asteroid Base

Resupply a desperate mining station at the edge of known space!

The Cargo Quadrant of the Orbital Deployment Ship "Phoenix Dawn" is a sprawling maze of freight storage bays and cargo vaults--the main resupply facility of the nearby colony transport and its emergency medical suite.

Meanwhile, the seemingly-abandoned Asteroid Base waits for provisions that may arrive too late. What has become of the station's crew? If they're not to be found in the Habitat Module or Hangar Bay, why are the Shuttle Pods still here?

This double-sided poster measures 22 by 34 inches, and is printed on glossy poster stock. It's pre-folded to 8.5 by 5.5 inches and packaged within a clear resealable envelope for safe and easy transport.

Included is a 5 by 8 inch terrain card that replaces the colony ship's expeditionary supply holds with a pair of messy livestock pens...

$ 4.99

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