Cavern Tunnel Tiles, Pack 2

That which dwells in darkness...
...does not like to be disturbed.

This set of 12 double-sided terrain cards (plus bonus terrain inside the covers) seamlessly continues the cave system from Cavern Tunnel Tiles, Pack 1. The environment is rich with detailed map features on one side, while empty on the other. A unique sheet of extra terrain elements is included for you to cut out and use to customize the landscape to fit your encounter design perfectly. Mix and match the tiles to create your own cavern from the ground up, or use the cover as a guide. Some highlights of this set include the Webbed Passage, Deep Pool, Rock Pile, and the dead end of a Collapsed Tunnel!

Each card measures 5 by 8 inches, and is printed on thick glossy cover stock. The complete set is gathered in a clear resealable envelope for safe and easy transportation.


$ 4.99

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