The Complete Forsaken Lands PDF Collection

Explore the ancient world!

This 157.2 MB ZIP-compressed archive of 39 PDF image files contains all of the maps that have been published as part of the Forsaken Lands poster series, along with special extras including:

  • Unpublished Lunar Surface and Gray Wasteland terrain maps
  • Alternate versions of the maps, such as a waterless variation of the Deep Caverns
  • Extra terrain card images to change the original maps in new and different ways
  • Versions of each poster map image without colored terrain lines
  • Every terrain card image associated with a Forsaken Lands poster
  • The bonus map panels from the Deluxe Set: Lagoon, Sea Cliff, and Rustic Cabin

Best of all: If the Forsaken Lands poster map series is ever expanded (as long as this map store exists), this archive will be updated to include them and you can get the new maps for free! Think of it as your passport to a larger world...

$ 16.99

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