Mass Transit II: Cargo Docks and Offworld Transport Facility

Your launchpad--or your journey's end?

One side of the Mass Transit II poster map features the shadowy Cargo Docks, a labyrinthine industrial freight storage and loading zone. On the reverse, the Offworld Transport Facility's passenger boarding station awaits travelers seeking to try their luck out among the stars!

This double-sided poster measures 22 by 34 inches, and is printed on glossy poster stock. It's pre-folded to 8.5 by 5.5 inches and packaged within a clear resealable envelope for safe and easy transport.

Includes a free 5 by 7 inch terrain card featuring a starfighter on a landing platform; the card can be placed over several sections of the poster to replace the existing vehicles on the Offworld Transport Facility.

$ 4.99

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