Dimensional Timeship Tiles

Explore the multiverse, one reality at a time...

This set of 12 double-sided terrain cards (plus an Alternate Control Chamber on the back of the two cover cards) provides everything you need to build your own futuristic vessel with which to travel all of space and time. Mix and match the tiles to create countless variations, and rearrange them as needed to transform the ship dynamically in the middle of an adventure.

Pick up two sets and use both sides at once to double the passenger space, display two completely different ships at the same time, or turn your Timeship into a sprawling, ever-changing labyrinth where exploring or escaping the ship itself IS the adventure!

Each card measures 5 by 8 inches, and is printed on thick glossy cover stock. The printed set is gathered in a clear resealable envelope for safe and easy transportation.

$ 4.99

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