The Complete Halls of Legend PDF Collection

A bastion of wonders awaits you!

This 130.2 MB ZIP-compressed archive of 32 PDF image files contains all of the maps that have been published as part of the Halls of Legend poster series, plus:

  • Unlabeled versions of each poster map
  • All four bonus terrain images from the backs of the cover cards
  • The North Tower and South Tower bonus cards to complete the castle's front towers.
  • A special "Fallen Serpent" tile printed for GamerNation Con
  • Three wraparound map panels only available through the Deluxe Set
  • A bonus map panel of a cobblestone path leading up to the Castle Facade
  • Two exclusive banner map images that combine six separate maps to form the complete upper and lower floors of the castle
  • A "Cathedral Hall" variant map based on The Great Hall

$ 16.99

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