Battle Stations Deluxe Set

The Complete Battle Stations: Your gateway to the galaxy!

This premium deluxe set of all four Battle Stations 22 x 34 inch double-sided posters (8 maps) includes four 5 x 7 inch terrain cards (one for each poster) and two exclusive double-sided wraparound covers that provide even more bonus terrain: An elevated watch tower for the center of the Simulation Deck, an Armored Dropship to add to the Mobilization Deck, and the hull surface of the Troop Transport for when the action moves to the top of the parked vehicle!

The eight different decks on these posters can be stacked vertically or positioned side-by-side to create an epic sci-fi installation of your own design. Whether the players are trying to take over the galaxy or take down the tyrants who already have, these maps are the perfect accessory to any sci-fi campaign with a military theme.

Each deluxe set is packaged in a reusable clear plastic display box for safe shipping.

$ 49.99

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