Deck Space Deluxe Set

The Complete DS Series! With the Deck Space maps on your gaming table, the adventure possibilities are wide open...

This premium deluxe set of all four Deck Space 22 x 34 inch double-sided posters (8 maps) includes twelve 5 x 8 inch terrain cards for you to cut out and use to build your own encounters, along with double-sided wraparound covers that provide even more bonus terrain exclusive to this set: a security checkpoint for the Railway Floor map, an oasis for the Windswept Dunes, and a black hole for the Stellar Frontier!

The DS series maps (Deck Space, Distant Starscapes, Desert Sands, and Dangerous Seas) are designed to give you great big open terrain maps devoid of specific features, and sheets of objects and obstacles that you can use to build a different encounter every time you put them on the table.

Each deluxe set is packaged in a reusable clear plastic display box for safe shipping.

$ 49.99

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