Distant Frontiers Deluxe Set

Introducing the Orbital Deployment Ship "Phoenix Dawn," and four new alien landscapes!

This premium deluxe set of all four Distant Frontiers 22 x 34 inch double-sided posters includes four 5 x 8 inch terrain cards (one for each poster) and two exclusive double-sided wraparound covers that provide even more bonus terrain that you can use to customize the printed maps: Add a detention block to your capital ship, raise the tech level with a teleportation platform, or set the engines to critical with a red-hot reactor meltdown!

The ODS "Phoenix Dawn" is built from four separate posters: the Bridge, Residential, Engineering, and Cargo Quadrants, each of which is 100% compatible with the Orbital Docking Station maps from "Distant Outposts." Meanwhile, each map features part of an adjoining starship that forms the upper deck of a complete starship if you position the posters with the ship in the middle.

Meanwhile, the frozen Base Camp, exotic Alien Jungle, arid Desert Outpost, and desolate Asteroid Base maps on the back of these posters provide you with a variety of exciting adventure locations to explore!

Each deluxe set is packaged in a reusable clear plastic display box for safe shipping.

$ 49.99

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