Mass Transit Deluxe Set

The Offworld Spaceport: Your gateway to the galaxy!

This premium deluxe set of all four Mass Transit 22 x 34 inch double-sided posters includes four 5 x 7 inch terrain cards (one for each poster) and two exclusive double-sided wraparound covers that provide even more bonus terrain: A brand new VIP courier shuttle, and a complete two-deck starfighter hangar section for The Nova Eclipse!

An host of different vehicles on these Mass Transit let you set up rich sci-fi encounters in space or on the ground, while the spaceport sections fit together in a variety of ways to produce a sprawling travel and freight installation. It's the perfect launching point (or the ultimate destination) for your spacefaring campaign!

Each deluxe set is packaged in a reusable clear plastic display box for safe shipping.

$ 49.99

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